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Waiting for Milan 7/10

The Age of Re

Pre-pandemic, the buzzword was CO: co-working, co-housing, co-living, co-existence. The idea behind it is simple, sharing space makes much sense in an age of scarce and expensive housing. Covid (not part of the CO trend ;-)) changed our mindsets. We separated from each other, kept the distance, worked from home.

renew label
the Re-buzzword at Arper, Salone del Mobile, 2021

The buzz moves from CO to RE – regeneration, recycling, restarting, reviving, renewing, rethinking, rebalancing. It’s not about looking back and wishing times could be what they were again, more about learning from the past to be better in the future – and maybe the two together are what we are getting to, the CORE…. hopefully!

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