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Studio Lizan Freijsen’s work celebrates the touch and aims for awareness for natural processes, reuse of resources and care for the environment. In her Milan exhibition at Masterly in Palazzo Francesco Turati, she was inspired by the slow invisible transformations of fungi. 

carpet hung to a wall
carpet by Studio Lizan Freijsen, at Masterly exhibition 2021

Fungi are of great environmental and medical importance. ‚Together with bacteria, fungi are responsible for breaking down organic matter and releasing carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil and the atmosphere.’ (wikipedia)

carpet hung over a hand rail
Studio Lizan Freijsen at Masterly, Palazzo Francesco Turati, Milano 2021

The carpets are objects of art, coming out of corners like mould, or thrown on top of a hand rail. They blend with the surrounding space, and feel alien at the same time. And after all, they have their own kind of beauty.

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