• weaves out of hard ceramic material
  • examples of terra coloured materials, tiles, leather and marble tables

Eva Hoernisch Design provides design services customized to the needs of the international surface materials industry, specifically HPL and MFC, its suppliers and customers.

Design Compass

  • Trend research
  • Trend reports from design fairs/ events
  • Design market analysis

Design Development

  • Creative concepts
  • Solid colour, pattern and texture development
  • Colour matching and colourations
  • Decor layout and separation
  • Composition of decor collections
  • Story telling and presentations

Design Competence

  • Design advisory + coaching, e.g. decor selection for specific markets, building ranges etc.
  • »How to Design« colour, patterns, finishes
  • Seminars on colour systems, wood + stone materials
  • Content for on-/offline media
About Image

Hi! I’m Eva.

Happy to help you with all things design – from research and trend to concept and design making of decors and collections. With me being a real pro, you can expect high quality results, and loads of learnings and insights while on the design journey!