»With a passion for sustainable design, a love for materials and an eye for detail, I’m the perfect partner for your project.

My experience in the field of decor design is unmatched. Let me support you by finding successful solutions specifically tailored to the task you have.

Together we can create better interiors for all of us.«

After 20 years as a designer for the leading brands of the global decor industry, awarded with a ‘red dot’ and other prestigious design awards, I can provide analysis, direction, design development and education, customized to fit specific markets or requirements.

You are a decor printing company looking for inspiration? or an architect in need for wall size decor range for a project? do you want to educate your sales team on colour systems, style categories or natural materials? need a tailored decor range for a certain geographical market? Let’s talk!

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Eva Hoernisch
colour, pattern, finish


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Eva Hoernisch Design
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