Colour trends



In the state of crisis the world is in, optimistic summer colour palettes feel like from a different planet – these uplifting, mood-boosting brights are just what we need. They help us embrace joy and be happier.

Designers use a set of ‘slightly off’ primary colours. There’s that fashionable bright sky blue, a fresh light yellow and reds that are more coral than primary.

rainbow coloured cushion
rainbow coloured cushion by POPUS.EDITIONS seen at Maison & Objet

Pinks and purples are in the mix and definitely some orange, the colour of the season. Colours from one family are layered, like in the red spectrum coral, orange, pink and primary red, or with greens: moss, grass green, mint and forest green.

bright red chair
chair by REMEMBER
bright green blanket
fabric by MA POESIE

The green colour family is a staple, at the moment especially sage and pale mints (yes, still….), dark forest and sea green. On the brighter side there is a clean grass green, graphic primary green (really important) and Carribbean aqua.


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