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Oops, I was about to call this autumnal! No, it is by no means a seasonal range, it is the opposite, a timeless, lasting, harmonious colour palette of earthen and vegetal tones. While trends are important for interiors, too, interiors aren’t fashion. We paint, and furbish, and decorate our homes to last for years to come.

colour palette
ESSENTIAL palette – earthen and vegetal

All 6 colours are long lasting colours, they were called trend for a certain time, but now have been around us for a while. The Brick red reminds of Masala, a Pantone colour of the year many years ago. No need to explain the terracotta. In this palette it stands for the orange colour trend – okay, yes, some trend talk: orange and brown are the core colours of the, at least in Milan, very prominent retro (or vintage) trend. No doubt, many of the examples lean towards a retro scheme, inspired by the 70’s with more reddish woods and lots of naturalised orange.

terracotta coloured table
Glossy terracotta coloured table, B&B Italia
bedroom setting
Redbrown wood, coral and tobacco brown for the table and floor – seen at Cassina, Milan Design Week

Coral brings in some freshness, a colour that seems to come and go in fast cycles in recent years, in fashion and in interiors – maybe because it bridges so nicely between bright red and orange, and looks so modern when combined with brown, the new black.

The saturated fir green adds a natural, a “biophilic” aspect to it. Greens are still at the center of many interior design schemes, either by bringing in plants and flowers or by selecting deeply natural green tones for accents or in larger applications.

living room setting
A classic combination at Zanotta, Salone del Mobile, 2022

The interpretation of the palette can go in a quite classic direction like at Zanotta, who combined natural coloured leather, green marble table and a carpet in natural beige and brown.

table and chest of drawers
MDF Italia, Salone del Mobile, Milan 2022

While MDF Italia had a more daring suggestion: vegetal green in combination with a dusty pink coloured chest of drawers. In glossy finish! Wow!

structured wall
Aectual, 3-d printed walls during the Masterly exhibition in Milan 2022

Not to forget the “cosmetic beiges”, another central colour for the ESSENTIAL palette – a beige with a hint of either rosé and also pink sometimes. This then goes in a sandstone direction. Very classy!

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