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Nature’s Finest

Nature and natural materials as a trend? Well, yes, it never goes out of style, it’s the real thing, right? The way we designers work with it is subject to change though. We apply nature from pure to celebrating the natural ornate, from raw & rustic to focusing on natural elegance, from untouched to refined. Nature’s Finest is the nature-based trend theme for 2023.

furniture trend images
‘Elements of Nature’ exhibition, Maison & Objet

All in all the current era is distinguished by a respect for the beauty that develops in natural environments. With this in mind we see the true colours of moss and wood, also of sea foam and night skies, together with the textures of natural materials. In essence we cherish the real for its effortless elegance.

trend colour palette
‘Nature’s Finest’ palette 1 – Eva Hoernisch Design

As a result the palette goes deeply natural: the first part of it seems to come straight out of a forest – dark moss and bark tones, and colours of lichen, the soft yellow of delicate spring leaves.

forest mood
Studio Front for Moroso – ‘Design by Nature’ project

A project that I found super inspirational in this context, is Studio Front’s ‘Design by Nature’ for Moroso. Studio Front reflected on their Swedish roots, where wilderness, the dramatic change of seasons and with it the confrontation with light and dark is just a big part of their every day lives. As a result the furniture products create optical illusions, blending seemlessly with images of forests and wilderness. Nature is the designer in Nature’s Finest.

Studio Front for Moroso – textile from ‘Design by Nature’ project

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