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08 Milan Design Week

The new products of SODAI, a company based in Italy producing digitally printed panels of cork or other substrates, decorated with art or design motifs, blended perfectly with the surroundings at Design Variations by Mosca Partners at Circolo Filologico Milanese.

mood image exhibition space
beautiful Milan location + Sodai wall panelling

The TOTEM COLLECTION by Carlotta Fortuna tells a story about flower gardens and fabulous creatures, the colours are soft and greyed, almost as if they were painted on cardboard and the pigmentation was just soaked up by the recycled fibres, aesthetics range somewhere between romantic simple drawings and computer games of the early days….. 

wallpaper patterns
SODAI – Totem Collection by Carlotta Fortuna

Especially the SODAIMOSAICO product caught my eye. The motif is turned into a pixelated version and printed onto a tiny mosaic structure. The single mosaic dots look like they’ve been hand-painted, each one… fascinating! The technique lends a modern twist and soft dynamic to for example classic art images.

different wallpaper patterns

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