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05 Milan Design Week

Tom Dixon’s Twenty exhibition at Palazzo Serbeloni opened the experimental chambers of the studio showcasing ideas and concepts the team has been working on. Some of these became actual products, others failed because they were too difficult to make, others are examined for the future.

cork design object
CORK object, as part of the Tom Dixon’s Twelve exhibition

CORK For some of the latest designs, cork is used as the base material. With its sculptural presence and dark, textured finish.The caramelising of the cork makes the pieces fragrant and the sound dampening asset helps in acoustically challenging surroundings. Another plus of the material is the carbon positivity of it, coming from nurtured forests and harvested without killing the tree. 

metal lamps
PRESS METAL lamps, Tom Dixon

PRESS METAL uses corrugation for adding stiffness to the material. The studio used the learnings they had with the HYDRO chair and applied them when designing a new lamp with striking results. The concentric ripples give structure and refract and reflect the light.

paper lanterns
PAPER LANTERN from 2002, Tom Dixon

The PAPER LANTERNS were an early project and a first step into the field of lighting. They take inspiration from sky scrapers, and use the most honest and simple materials, steel and mulberry paper.

coloured lamps
Dichroic effects on MELT lamps, Tom Dixon

MELT The studio states on their website: „Our first custom Melt is an exploration into the amazing world of Dichroic filters – highly technical coatings first invented by NASA that allow white light to be split into multiple colours. For us, this means that we move from a monochromatic metallic in silver or gold to extraordinary psychedelic technicolour.“

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