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03 Milan Design Week

Wonderful day in the city yesterday with some of the most famous Italian furniture brands. Cassina stood out with an eclectic, energetic and unique colour palette. Heer are some examples….

wallpaper in blue and copper
wallpaper in blue and copper
glossy table
glossy blue table
table and tableware
green marble table

Blue had a prominent role in Cassina’s showroom. There are good reasons for it. It combines well with the copper and terracotta colours that are with us for such a long time now, and also it looks really great with the new browns. The way it’s used here though is more as an opposite colour in the spectrum, together with purples or green. Many of the blues lean more to the red side of the spectrum, they have a touch of violet in them.

interior scheme
terracotta coloured ceramic table top
interior scheme
cognac colour in upholstery

The terracotta scheme goes cognac (or deeper into the red palette) – a terracotta 2.0, if you will. It stays around though, no doubt.

glass table
glossy glass table in green

This vegetal green looks good in glass and gloss, two trends that I will be talking about, too.

More from Milan in a couple days….

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